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Nov 1 - Dec 11 at 7:00-10:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Performance on Dec 14 at 7:30pm on the Groundlings School Stage!
Note: This class will not meet on Nov 22

Advanced Improv builds upon the skills developed in Intermediate with a focus on continued character development and exploring various improv styles and techniques. This class culminates in an improv show on our G3 student stage!

Prerequisite: Passed Intermediate
Classes per session: 12 classes
Duration of class: 3.5 hours
Max Students: 16 students
Price: $525
Advancement: This level completes the Core Track! Students who pass this course are eligible for Student Teams, and qualify for our upper level extension classes, Student Performance Series classes (SPSs) and Power WOW classes. Results no longer expire, so graduates may re-take any course in the Core Track for fun with the repeater discounts. Some students may also receive an invitation to continue into the Performance Track classes.

DISCOUNTS: Students who have completed ADVANCED IMPROV are eligible to receive a $100 repeater's discount. The discount will automatically be applied after the class is placed in the cart. .

GENDER BALANCING: To create the best possible experience, The Groundlings School seeks to gender balance certain classes. If your gender is not available, you can call the office to request a spot belonging to another gender (subject to availability).

GENDER EXPRESSION: The gender expression of all students will always be respected in Groundlings classes and auditions. If you identify as non-binary or gender non-conforming, please feel free to reach out to the School Manager, Allain Rochel (, for assistance with registration.