Oct 14 at 10:00-12:30pm PST on Wednesday
INSTRUCTOR: Josh Duvendeck
Note: This is an online class and requires an Internet connection

Auditioning for Saturday Night Live is an experience many comedians dream of. But it's a process shrouded in mystery. How does one get to audition for SNL? What are they looking for? What's the audition like? Join Groundlings Main Company member Josh Duvendeck in a lecture style class on the subject of the SNL audition process. Josh will walk you through his experience, from submission tape to in-person audition at studio 8H twice. He'll also share tips about putting together your own submission tape. The class will be part lecture, part Q&A, so bring all those questions you've always wanted to to ask!

There is no prerequisite required to enroll in this course.

All classes are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Standard ($45.00)