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Sep 26 at 2:00-4:00pm on Saturday
Note: This class is online and requires an Internet connection

The Groundlings School holds free group auditions several times a week throughout the year for acceptance into Basic Improv, the first level of our Core Track Program. Each audition is run by a Groundlings instructor and consists of exercises which are representative of a first day in Basic Improv.

- Prospective students do not need to prepare any material for the audition. For online auditions, a headshot and resume are not required.
- Auditions last for approximately two hours.
- Auditions start ON TIME, there is no late entry.
- No guests or spectators may sit in on the audition.

After passing the audition, results are valid for one year. Those that do not pass may re-audition in three months. In the interim those students may take classes in the Workshop Program.

Students are allowed to audition for Basic Improv a maximum of three times.