Jul 9 at 6:30-8:00pm PST on Thursday
INSTRUCTOR: Leonard Robinson
Note: This is an online class and requires an Internet connection

The tools learned in improv are more important than ever in television and film, and actors who can do it well are more adaptable on a set. We've gathered some of the industry's most talented actors and improvisors to share their experience of how their improv work helped their careers, and to answer all your questions. How do I create a believable character? What if I forget my lines on set? How can improv set me up for success?

This wonderful panel has appeared in television, commercials, animation, and film projects including Reno 911, The Goldbergs, Mad Men, The Boondocks, Speechless, Bridesmaids, Malcolm in the Middle, Undercover Brother and many more!

Moderated by Groundlings Main Company member Leonard Robinson.

All proceeds benefit The Groundlings Diversity Scholarship Fund.

Standard ($25.00)