Sep 14 - Oct 19 at 10:00-1:00pm on Fridays
INSTRUCTOR: Jeff Galante

This class is open to all students with an interest in writing comedy. Learn how to create and find material for sketches.

PLEASE NOTE: The first class is REQUIRED! Please do not register if you cannot make the first class.

Prices & Classes Vary        PREREQUISITE: Varies

To create the best possible experience, The Groundlings School seeks to gender balance certain classes.
If your gender is not available, you can call the office to request a spot belonging to another gender (subject to availability).

The gender expression of all students will always be respected in Groundlings classes and auditions. If you identify as non-binary or gender non-conforming,
please feel free to reach out to the School Manager, Allain Rochel (, for assistance with registration.

Limited Availability: Only 7 Tickets Remain!

Regular * ($300.00)

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