Mar 22 at 11:00-1:00pm on Wednesday

The Groundlings School holds free group auditions several times a week throughout the year for acceptance into Basic Improv, the first level of our Core Track Program.Each audition is run by a Groundlings instructor and consists of exercises which are representative of a first day in Basic Improv.

- Prospective students do not need to prepare any material for the audition, but please bring a headshot and resume.
- Auditions last for approximately two hours.
- Auditions start ON TIME, there is no late entry.
- No guests or spectators may sit in on the audition.

After passing the audition, results are valid for one year.Those that do not pass may re-audition in four months. In the interim those students may take classes in the Workshop Program.

Students are allowed to audition for Basic Improv a maximum of three times.

FREE 2-hour Group Improv Audition - Headshot & Resume Required        PREREQUISITE: None

To create the best possible experience, The Groundlings School seeks to gender balance certain classes.
If gender options appear directly below this message, please select your gender type.

If your gender expression is not listed here, please feel free to reach out to the School Manager, Allain Rochel (, for assistance with registration.
The gender expression of all students will always be respected in Groundlings classes and auditions.

You may contact the office three days before the class starts to request a spot belonging to another gender (subject to availability).

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